The Heartbeat

Join generous givers to help people heal in grief and feel loved through loss.

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The Heartbeat is a passionate group of heart-led humans who have joined together on a mission to revolutionize the way we heal in grief.

People like you, who are giving anything they can to love those who are hurting.
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Why The Heartbeat?

Your Gift Keeps Giving!

Not only do you help families heal through loss every month, but your recurring donation allows our organization to plan ahead too. For a nonprofit, this is a HUGE gift no matter the amount.

As a Heartbeat Member, you'll join an incredible community of generous givers with some fun benefits for you too:

Live Quarterly Zoom Calls w/Heartbeat Members and our Executive Director, including Q&A time
Special Access in our Momento Collective Community to watch zoom replays and other helpful content
Fun mail to celebrate your giving & share your impact

Death, loss, and grief are universal human experiences that every single one of us will go through.

Why is it that some people seem to get stuck in grief? What if we could help every person heal?

At Momento Foundation, we believe it's possible to create a world where hurt people transform to healed.

We invite you to join The Heartbeat, where you'll be a part of that transformation.

Give what you can each month to support people through loss and help them heal in grief.

$10/month trains one photographer volunteer each year

This is an easy way to multiply your investment and help us keep it free for photographer volunteers. Once they're trained, they can serve many families.

$50/month provides one local portrait session each year

With this gift, you are covering all of the costs for a family to receive a portrait session, a box of tangible prints, the digital gallery, downloads, and more! 

$100/mo provides one travel portrait session each year

As we're growing to a national level, there are families who apply in areas where we don't have photographers yet. Your gift helps us show up for them! 
Easy Giving History & Update Access

With The Giving App, You're In Control.

Giving is a mobile app that enables existing donors to view and manage their donations–including access to year-end receipts, update credit card info, manage fundraisers, and more!

If you’re an existing Heartbeat member, download the Giving App to manage your gift:
Download for iOS Here
The Giving app is currently available for download in the United States and Canada, more to come!
Download for Android Here
Funraise's donor portal is only available as a mobile app, we hope the web version is coming soon!