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“There is a comfort to having these beautiful milestones captured with our family that will never be forgotten.”
"Giving to Momento means tangible, precious memories for families like ours. It means being able to remember a time you maybe didn’t realize you would want to remember."
- Family Served & Donor
“Videos and photos...pixels and pages...make moments immortal.”
"On behalf of our family, and so many others in an impossibly difficult time, thank you for your invaluable kindness and generosity."
- Family Served & Donor
"...when Ashley [Jones] talks about her daughter and her grief...her hope is always that it will start a conversation on how to live well..."
Origin Story

"After losing my daughter, Skylar, to a terminal condition, grief and depression hit me hard."

Surprisingly, I found that the pictures of our family helped me heal more than anything. They created a safe space for me to grieve and the freedom to be whatever I needed to be in that moment. The tangible prints provided comfort: a way to carry on a relationship with my daughter. They allowed me to hold Skylar when she wasn't here to hold.

I wanted to give that gift to others and started donating portrait sessions to families facing a terminal diagnosis. With every session, I could feel something greater taking shape… a way to capture love not lost.

Because of our generous donors, we can continue to provide these priceless photographs and help people heal in grief.

- Ashley Jones
Founder & Executive Director
Ashley leans in to kiss her daughter, Skylar, in their last portrait session together before she dies.
Ashley and Skylar
A brother facing cancer walks holding hands with his younger twin sisters

Together, we support people in three major areas of need:

mementos and photographs
Preserving memories for families facing terminal diagnosis, at no cost to the family.
Through our Preserving Memories program, our photographers provide free portraits for families facing a terminal diagnosis, giving them tangible mementos to be treasured for generations to come.
community care and support
Providing education & community to those navigating loss or supporting others.
Our Community Support Program provides 24/7 free access to unique grief tools and education, opportunities for meaningful connection, and inspirational stories of healing.
corporate cultures of caring and empathy
Educating companies on how they can better care for their employees in grief.
Through our Corporate Care Program, leaders and teams are trained to provide safe and supportive work environments so employees feel cared for while navigating loss.
A Glimpse Into Our Work

Memories really do matter.

The photos you give to families create safe spaces to grieve, heal, and experience love & connection after loss.
A Momento photographer volunteer captures a dad kissing his daughter during their Momento portrait session
“I give to Momento because the only photo I have of my dad and I before he died is not that great, but it's everything. If only I could've had something like this..."
Kristyn, long-time supporter

Join us to revolutionize the way we heal in grief.

Our mission is brought to life by individual donors & volunteers, foundations, medical institutions, and companies of all kinds.

Some of our partners include:

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What your gift means to a family facing loss.

"When your family is in the middle of  fighting cancer, you live truncated lives, waiting until the next scan to determine how the future might play out. Ashley and Momento was offering the power to freeze the moments for us, to forever capture Gregg’s love for each of the kids and for me…What is most essential about Momento is the legacy the photos leave for my four children."
- Susan
Gregg, while facing a terminal cancer diagnosis, hugs his family during his Momento photo session
Gregg, Susan, and their kids.

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Because of generous donors we are able to preserve memories for those facing a terminal diagnosis or any stage 4 cancer at no cost to the family. If your family is need of preserving memories, please click below to join our community and fill out the applicaiton for a session.