Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past several years, we have noticed there are questions that come up frequently when we speak at events or engage in conversations online, so we've created this page for Ashley to answer your questions with honesty and transparency. We hope you find the answers you are looking for here. If your answer can't be found on our website, don't hesitate to contact us.

Can I nominate someone I know for a session?

Because of the sensitive nature of these sessions, we request that the person or caregiver of the person facing a the terminal diagnosis be the one to apply for the session. If you’re unsure how to share it with someone, you can simply ask them, “Hey, have you heard about Love Not Lost? I saw that they offer free portrait sessions and thought your family might like to check it out… I can text/email you the link if you’d like to look into it.”

How do people learn about Love Not Lost to get a session?

People hear about Love Not Lost through word of mouth, media & press, online searches, events, referrals from past recipients, hospice & hospital partnerships, and even social media sharing.

Why do you deliver tangible prints instead of digital images?

We actually deliver both! We believe the tangible photos are a critical tool in the grieving process. Not only do they create a physical space for a person to grieve, free of judgement, fear, and expectations, but they also allow someone to physically hold their loved one even when they are no longer here.

These photos are meant to be enjoyed, and we found that physical prints allow people to share them in a beautiful way that allows for a tangible and emotional connection you don't get with digital images. Of course, we deliver the digital images in an online gallery to easily share the digital versions with friends and family too.

Do you have any restrictions or limitations to the people you serve?

So long as the individual is facing a terminal diagnosis OR a stage 4 cancer diagnosis, we will consider them for a Love Not Lost session regardless of age or illness.

We are currently serving the state of Georgia with a limited number of out-of-state sessions each year. We are working to raise funds to help us grow to new cities across the nation. If you know of grants we would qualify for or companies who would be interested in corporate partnerships, please let us know!

What do you do for a mom who is pregnant with a baby who is terminally ill?

In line with our mission to celebrate life and support people in grief, we offer a maternity session to create memories with the baby while they are still alive and moving. During maternity sessions, we often capture family members interacting with the baby and sometimes capture the reaction of parents or siblings when the baby moves, immortalizing that moment of joy and delight. Moms have told us over and over how grateful they are to have these sessions and how much comfort it can bring after their baby is gone.

If a mom is looking for birth or post-life sessions, we refer people to NILMDTS, an organization already partnered with hospitals around the nation specialized in this type of session.

If I am a photographer, but Love Not Lost hasn't come to my city yet, how can I be involved?

This is the number one question we get from photographers! We are incredibly grateful there are so many awesome, talented people who want to help. If we are not currently operating in your city, here are a few ways to still be involved with Love Not Lost:

  • Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the website to be the first to know about upcoming events, new initiatives, and new cities we will be serving
  • Invite others to help you love it forward by setting up a give back model with your photography business. Not only will it feel good to give back, but your clients will love being able to love it forward by having a portion of their session help preserve memories for other people who need it.
  • Be a cheerleader and follow us on social media. You can help share our story and let us know if you have ideas to help get the word out about Love Not Lost.
  • Make connections and introductions! If you know of a great podcast we could be a guest on, or know of a grant we might qualify for, or maybe even know of a conference we could speak at or have a booth, tell us!

The more people who help us, the faster we can grow to serve your city!

How much does a session cost?

Our commitment is to ensure that both the session and tangible artwork we give are always free of charge to the families we serve.

The average session is $1,000 for the Love Not Lost experience from start to finish, including the collection of images given to the family, both digital and tangible, and the follow up post-session.

Are you a legit nonprofit?

Yes. We have a 501c3 approval from the IRS and you can find our Guidestar profile online, which we are continually working to keep current. Our tax ID number is 47-4760639