“If we can heal our unresolved grief and trauma, we can heal the world.”

Ashley Jones, Founder & Executive Director
Cancer is multiplying rapidly and other types of disease are claiming lives. There's the rise of addiction and suicide, the all-too-common gun violence in the US, racism and other forms of fear, domestic abuse, sexual assault, and other traumatic events taking place every day around the world, not to mention the large-scale horror of war and genocide.

And the media is unrelenting: bringing all of the world's pain before our eyes every minute we can watch it.

But those are symptoms of a much deeper issue: unresolved trauma and grief.

Because we don’t know how to process emotions and deal with heavy things, especially loss to that degree... we don’t.

We avoid it.

We numb ourselves.

We check out.

Our children do it too.

And eventually, we lose a part of our humanity.

We struggle to embrace the present and stay connected in our pain. Instead, people try to live in the past that can lend itself to depression, or try to live in the future, which can lead to anxiety. Some people shut down altogether.

The result is a whole society disconnected from ourselves, and each other, full of hurt people who hurt people... stuck in survival mode, lacking the capacity to be fully human.

The data is clear: the grief crisis is here.

The hard truth is most of us don't know how to make peace with our grief. We don't know how to get unstuck.

Our mission is to reframe our relationship with pain and loss to revolutionize the way we heal in grief.

We believe our bodies are designed to heal. And with the right emotional support, we can transform cycles of hurt to cycles of healing. And ultimately, heal the world.

Together, we support people in three major areas of need:

Preserving memories for families facing terminal diagnosis, at no cost to the family.
Through our Preserving Memories program, our photographers provide free portraits for families facing a terminal diagnosis, giving them tangible mementos to be treasured for generations to come.
Providing education & community to those navigating loss or supporting others.
Our Community Support Program provides 24/7 free access to unique grief tools and education, opportunities for meaningful connection, and inspirational stories of healing.
Educating companies on how they can better care for their employees in grief.
Through our Coporate Care Program, leaders and teams are trained to provide safe and supportive work environments so employees feel cared for while navigating loss.

Here's a glimpse at our work over the past eight years.

Families Served
Individuals Supported
Corporate Leaders Trained
Since 2020
Our Team

A committed team devoted to helping, serving, and loving people well.

Ashley Jones
Founder / Executive Director
John Routh
Community Leader
Carol Shutley, CT,FAAGC
Key Relations Manager
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Our Board of Directors

A board driven by our mission to help families and individuals make peace with their grief.

Eric Brown
Board Chair
Rachel Donnelly
Board Member
Jessica MacAllister
Board Member
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Our Advisors

Incredible humans using their skills to help further our mission and support our team.

Trey Boden
Strategy & Marketing
M. Nicole Wedekind
Branding & Marketing
Austin Grigg
Leadership & Web Development
Molly Michieli
Social Media &Communication
Chaz MacLaughlin
Sales & Growth
Kelly Hiliard
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Why Give?

What your gift means to a family.

“Giving to Momento means tangible, precious memories for families like ours. It means being able to remember a time you maybe didn’t realize you would want to remember. It means being able to hold on to someone long after they have gone before you. It means something different to every family this incredible organization touches... On behalf of our family, and so many others in an impossibly difficult time, thank you for your invaluable kindness and generosity.”

- Becky Loveland